Here you will find a set of tutorials to help you set up BigBlueButton virtual classes.

We cover the full HTML5 version of BigBlueButton virtual classes, but also how to participate or present a BigBlueButton virtual class. How to control the flows and track a BigBlueButton virtual class are also on the agenda of these tutorials.

Finally, a small tutorial on sound and microphone settings is always useful. Enjoy your viewing!

Overview of a BigBlueButton virtual class

This tutorial will give you an overview of the full HTML5 version of the BigBlueButton virtual class.

Participate in a BigBlueButton virtual class

Features covered:

  • Public and private discussion
  • Shared notes
  • Audio/video input/output handling
  • Options management
  • Choose your status

Presenting a BigBlueButton virtual classroom

Features covered :

  • Screen sharing
  • Polls
  • Sharing videos on YouTube
  • Individual and group annotation of the presentation

Controlling the flow of the BigBlueButton virtual classroom

Features covered:

  • Shared moderator and presenter rights
  • Individual actions on a participant: delete his status and remove him from the class
  • Collective actions on all users: delete status, mute, lock certain features
  • Create a workshop room to work in groups
  • Closing a session

Monitor a virtual classroom

Features covered :

  • Saving the list of attendees
  • Recording the class
  • Closing a registration

Setting up your PC's sound and microphone

With this tutorial, learn how to quickly set up a headset and a microphone on Windows 10.